Greater than standard Love melons Underwater

Big Milk sacks Underwater

The second defiance in On Location North Coast is directed at the titillating trio of Daria and the Star sisters Helen and Erin at swimming pool side. Daria and Erin are fondelling suntan lotion on Helen’s milk shakes to protect her tender, squashy skin when SCORE mag editor Dave’s video-call comes in from the office in Miami.

“Girls, the next challenge is to dive into the pool and collect the rings tossed into it. The winner will be the goddess who collects the almost all rings. Valuable luck.”

The rings are tossed into the pool. Erin, Helen and Daria dive in and the underwater camera follows ’em as they swim, their biggest fullsome funbags floating and bobbing. The gals take off their unbelievable string bikinis and create a unique way of collecting the rings. But 1st, they dance in an underwater ballet of mounds.

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