Bea’s three-way dream cums true

Bea's three-way dream cums true

Bea Cummins once said, “My fantasy is to have sex with 2 or three fit young males and let ’em have their way with me.”

So, when Bea returned to our studio, 67 years old and looking sexier than ever, we made her dream come true. Here’s Bea, one of our almost all popular ladies ever, with John and Juan. John is 29. Juan is 27. They’re 2 of our mountainous and our almost any awesome, and Bea deserves ’em.

But the question is, did they have their way with Bea or did Bea have her way with them?

“I couldn’t aid it,” Bea said when we pointed out that, at times, this babe became the aggressor. “It’s not every woman who receives to have her dream fulfilled at age 67 while the whole world watches.”

Including her boyfriend. Yep, Mr. Cummins was sat just a not many feet away while John and Juan shag his wife. Worthwhile Lothario.

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