Bathing Dish

Bathing Beauty

We have loved watching Alexis blossom.
Alexis came to our studio a whole beginner, nervous and unsure of herself. But as the camera rolled, this babe grew more assertive. She realized she liked being undressed, and the thought of males watching her turned her on. She left our studio fully embracing her sexuality and willing to cum!

Alexis, what’s the kinkiest sex you have ever had?
“I love sex so much that it’s rock hard to pick just one. I feel like even regular ol’ missionary is perverted when it is with me. I just get so turned on and luscious that it’s sexy no matter what. But if I had to pick, it would be this time I was blindfolded and had sex with 2 men. I didn’t know whose ramrod was in my face hole or wet crack, and I didn’t care either! It was so hot!”

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