Bath time with Katia

Bath time with Katia

“I’m getting even better,” 63-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother Katia said. “I feel better. I feel sexy in my body. I do whatever I please.”

Today, Katia, looking better than ever, takes a bath. She gets her beautiful body all wet and sudsy then uses a shower head to please her pussy. She deep-fingers it and spreads her ass, and we get so see every inch of her.

We asked her if she ever gets recognized from her scenes at and and she said, “Yes, on dating sites. I got recognized one time when I was working years ago, but mostly on dating sites. They say, ‘I recognize you. You’re Katia.’ It’s exciting!”

60Plus MILFs: You’re still living in Birmingham, Alabama. Were you born in Alabama?

Katia: I was.

60Plus MILFs: Alabama football fan?

Katia: Crimson Tide all the way!

60Plus MILFs: You once told us that your sexual fantasy was a four-man gangbang. Has it happened?

Katia: Not yet. I’m still waiting. Two men here is the closest I’ve come.

60Plus MILFs: Well, I’m sure you could arrange it. How do you envision this four-man gangbang happening?

Katia: Probably give them blow jobs. Two are sucking my tits. Another one is fucking my pussy or my ass.

60Plus MILFs: What do you like about giving a blow job?

Katia: I like the way a cock feels in my mouth and the way they feel when I’m giving it to them. I like the sensation of the man cumming in my mouth. That’s why I like blow jobs. I love it!

60Plus MILFs: You are not a spitter, are you?

Katia: No. I’m a swallower.

60Plus MILFs: I bet some guys never get to fucking your pussy because the blow job is so good.

Katia: Well, some guys like that!

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