Bath, Bazookas & Beyond

Bath, Zeppelins & Beyond

Anna Carlene is all a’titter. Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, this babe can’t live without what she sees. She is wearing a very hot two-piece that makes her look love an American country gal. Anna is Italian and looks it.

Anna gives herself a spritz by the sink, then sits on the toilet seat to give herself some hand-relief. Anna (likewise known as Billie Bombs) acquires up to go into the bath but stops another time to rub her love tunnel and the sensitive area betwixt her pussy-slit and her black hole.

The brunette hair doll acquires into the bathroom and, finally, gives us the illustrious Anna Carlene dirty talk in her Italian-accented English and fuck-me voice. That large, darksome cock-shaped dildo doesn’t stand a chance.

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