Barbie’s pre-party interracial bash

Barbie's pre-party interracial bash

Barbie Page, a stay-at-home Mommy from Florida, is on the phone with a friend, making plans for her party tonight, when the beer delivery lad displays up and…uh-oh, this man fell into the pool! Barbie helps him out.

“Would u love to remove your shirt?” Barbie asks the soaken sucker.

“Thank u. You are too kind,” that chap says.

“No, no, my enjoyment,” Barbie says as she continues to dry areas of his body that don’t need drying…at least not as much drying as Barbie is giving them.

“Would u adore to take off your shorts?” she says. “I can dry them for u. Before my boyfriend comes home.”

Barbie invites him inside. We know where this is going.

“I’ve by no means been with a dark ladies man before,” Barbie says. “I’d like to try. Will you screw me?”

He’ll bonk her. But first, she’ll suck his penis. Very well, we need to say. Hey, who’s the sucker now? Then he fucks her, and we receive to think that Barbie’s moans have to be echoing throughout the neighborhood, but that babe doesn’t seem to care. This babe just wants dark-skinned knob. And her husband? Hey, that’s what you receive for leaving a hawt piece of gazoo love Barbie home alone.

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