Anal shrink

Anal shrink

Ivan’s parents have sent him to a psychologist.

“They sent me here because I can’t stop thinking about my professor and hitting on her,” he says.

“Is that all?” says Jasmine Fields, who happens to be the kind of woman Ivan can’t stop thinking about: 52 years old. Divorced. Sexy. Horny.

“I also hit on my mom’s friends whenever they come around,” he says. “And I can’t stop thinking about them, either.”

“Ivan, why don’t you lay down and make yourself comfortable,” Jasmine says.

She asks him some questions about his attraction to older women then says, “The only problem you have is one I think I can help you with. Live out your fantasies, Ivan. I can help you do that.”

But did Ivan say anything about anal sex and facials? No. That was Jasmine’s idea.

“I figured if I’m going to do it, I might as well do it all the way,” Jasmine said.

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