American Auto Buff Milly

American Auto Muscled Milly

It’s a red, white and blue day for Milly Marks, and a worthwhile day for a car wash. The gardener next door wanted to know if this smooth operator could pull up a lawn chair and check out. Unfortunately, we had to say no. That stud peered over the hedge in any case and we cant blame him. Milly is spectacular, as always.

Milly gives the car a valuable spraying and receives to work with a soapy shammy, putting real body English into her auto buffing. Young Miss Marks is filmed from inside the car, getting tits-on-glass and bubbly melons act.

Soaking moist, Milly goes inside. It’s chilly inside from the air conditioning, making her areolas harden and giving her goosebumps. The brunette hair looker needs to warm up and takes off her moist things. That babe acquires into the couch to warm up, and warm up she does, giving her big, heavy scones and curvacious body some hands-on attention.

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