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Howdy Lads and Gals! Anyone hungry? I wager there is some bois out there with a hankerin’ for a taste of admirable old-fashioned creampie! I know one cucky boi who had a smack for it…and guess who baked him up a slice of heaven? That’s right…me. With a little assist from my pal Ace. But before we prepared our sperm pie for him, I took my hungry boi and made him take a shower. A very cold shower. And if that was not sufficient, I had some ice with me…to nifty down his slight balls. Humorous thing is – that ice shriveled up his nuts and shaft even more. By the end of the shower I measured his package…2 inches. Then I laughed! Then Ace serviced me during the time that this chab observed. Then Ace blew all over my clean shaven wet crack. Which meant it was snack time for cuck boi! Hee hee. I am so merciless sometimes. XOXOX – Spring
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