A girl-next-door with G-cup naturals

A girl-next-door with G-cup naturals

“I don’t have crazy fantasies. I’m just a regular girl,” said Amie Taylor, whose natural tits measure a not-so-regular 36G. Try finding G-cup bras at Victoria’s Secret, where regular girls shop. As you know by now, our girls aren’t ordinary. They’re extraordinary.

Other than her breasts, Amie isn’t very big. She’s only 5’2″, so that makes finding bras that fit even more challenging. Personally, I’m fine with girls wearing bras that don’t fit as long as “don’t fit” means too small (never too big). But I understand that a girl like Amie deserves to be comfortable, and let’s face it: If she’s not happy with her tits, that can be bad for the rest of us, if you get my drift.

“Other girls might be jealous of my boobs, but if they are, they don’t say anything bad to me,” Amie said. “My boobs are very heavy, so I wear a bra almost all of the time. At home, I don’t wear one.”

Amie definitely has that girl-next-door look. Oh, and there’s something else that’s unusual about her: She didn’t start developing until she was 18 years old. That’s really late. I’ve heard of SCORE and Voluptuous Girls developing in their early teens, but not Amie. So, if you know any flat-chested 18-year-olds, let them know that there’s still hope.

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