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Bring That Gazoo Over Here

Bring That Gazoo Over Here

“I’m a massive pervert, just painfully coyness,” told XL Gal Violet Addams.

Violet is one of the rare glamour models we know who worked in an adult shop. Merely a handful of beauties we know have been adult store crew, such as Marilyn White and Allysa Andrews.

“I worked in a store that has tons of movie booths,” Violet tells us. “I sold TSG magazines, also, so I got to check them all out when they shipped in; 18eighteen, XL Angels, certainly, and all of the others. Many of my customers were very fine and some of ’em were even wondrous.”

If more stores hired more eye-candy adore Violet, they’d probably jack their sales up, so to speak. Violet is a pastry chef back home in Providence.

“In my chef studies, I relish experimenting with pastries by adding alcohol to the ingredient list.” Violet sounds more love a pastry artist to us.

Observe as Violet gives this chab a creamy tart (her tight booty and 2 stupendous cupcakes) that knocked him out for the rest of the afternoon.

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Curvy Pioneer of Romania

Buxom Pioneer of Romania

“Over the past 15 years, no Voluptuous Cutie has had more staying power–more lasting popularity–than Joana Bliss,” wrote V-mag editor Dave in the Holiday 2018 issue. “Is Romanian bra-buster and sexpot Joana the greatest V-Girl ever?”

This is an incredibly difficult question to answer considering all of the charming women we have featured in V-mag over the years. One thing is true. Joana is a Romanian pioneer in big-bust glamour modeling who is still active today, smth that is a major accomplishment in any area of photo-modeling.

This day, Romania is the recent Czechia, with stacked girls such as the Star sisters, Kitty Cute and Amie Taylor joining the Big Show. We do not know if any of those gals know who Joana is and what her contribution is to the breasty world but she paved the way.

Always young, it seems adore Joana has discovered a secret, and by natural ways.

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The Slappin’ & Clappin’ Mambos of Helen Star

The Slappin' & Clappin' Pointer sisters of Helen Star

“I would say I am assured and controlling but playful and cheerful. I’m the kind of girl who knows what this babe can’t live without,” said Helen Star, big sister to the boobaliciously muscled Erin Star. Romanian racks at their superlatively worthy!

“I sleep on my tummy, love muffins underneath me and it is sooo relaxing. I always go topless when I’m at the beach. I don’t like to have tan lines on my bra-busters.”

Helen acquires stared at no matter where she does or what that babe is wearing. This babe is one of the 1-percenters when it comes to bouncy bosoms.

“Women do get jealous when they see me and Erin but that is life. Almost any guys turn their heads around even if they are holding their girlfriend’s hand. That’s always pleasure to see!”

Close allies of Mia Playgirl, who told her XL Beauties photographer about them, Helen and Erin got to meet six other buxom beauties for the movie On Location North Coast, shot in the Dominican Republic.

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Katia meets JMac, the episode

Katia meets JMac, the video

It is a Clash of Superstars as 63-year-old Katia sucks and shags JMac for the first time. Katia is on a sun deck, wearing a hawt blue outfit, when that babe calls down to JMac, who’s Thirty two, to bring her a towel. Then Katia moves to a chaise lounge, where she takes out her love bubbles and caresses them.

“He’s going to be so shocked and surprised to see me undressed,” Katia says.

Yes, this woman chaser is.

“Oh my god, Katia, I did’t know you were topless,” JMac says when this chab arrives with the towel.

“That’s ok,” that babe says. “I love it. Don’t you like it?”

“I love it!” this woman chaser says. “You look great.”

“Why do not u engulf my meatballs?” this babe says, and this chap doesn’t need a second invitation.

When the action moves inside, JMac worships Katia’s arse then she worships his ding-dong, touching with tongue it and mouthing it before JMac hammers her snatch rock hard in a wide multiformity of positions. Then that buck discharges his cum deep inside Katia’s cum-hole, and we must view the jism pie ooze out.

Katia and JMac…it’s anything we’d hoped it would be.

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Wetness U Can See And Hear

Wetness You Can See And Hear

Lexie’s overtired of studying. She’d rather play, and that means taking out her perky bumpers so this babe can tweak her teats. She walks underneath a tree, her teats still in nature’s garb, and starts to swing, giving you a lot of crotch shots.

Lexie’s getting worked up rubbing her wet crack on the swing and makes her way inside. This babe disrobes, revealing her tight, grade-A legal age teenager body. Her favourite way to rub her vagina is making circles around her clit. You can hear and watch her vagina getting wetter as that babe diddles away.

Eventually she works a finger into her taut pussy. Her cunt is so luscious it sounds adore she is stirring macaroni as that babe plays with herself. This babe turns over so we get to watch her anal opening whilst this babe finger-fucks herself. That babe cums and spreads her cum-hole so you can watch the pink inside.

That’s what we call an afternoon well-spent.

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JMac gives Katia a creampie

JMac gives Katia a creampie

Katia is 63 years aged, that babe is randy and she knows what this babe is got and what that babe craves. So that babe lures JMac to her rooftop hideaway and seduces him with her bigger than run of the mill tits and hot body. JMac can’t resist her–what man could?–and in advance of lengthy, they’re taking the act inside, where they can have a little privacy. JMac eats Katia’s cum-hole, Katia sucks his big pecker and then they’re fucking each which way.

The cum shot? The cum discharged, you ask? Well, when JMac can not hold back any longer, this petticoat chaser cums inside Katia’s mature muff and gives her an old-fashioned man-juice pie.

By the way, JMac is solely 32 years old, so he’s almost half her age.

“I’m getting even more marvelous. I feel more breathtaking. I feel sexy in my body. I do what I please,” said Katia, who has taken her place as one of the high-reaching GILFs ever. Part of the reason for that’s she is so handsome and hawt, and a greater than average part of it is that that babe is not a porno star. That babe hasn’t drilled for anyone else. Just for us.

Katia has two children and six grandchildren. We asked her how often she has sex, and this babe said, “About three times a month.” That babe works and takes care of her family. This babe enjoys lengthy walks and riding horses.

“I’m having the time of my life,” that babe told. “It’s precious to be someone’s fantasy and read all the valuable comments. It makes me feel so admirable.”

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Unveil and tell with Andrea Grey

Show and tell with Andrea Grey

In her 1st adept episode, 47-year-old Colombian divorcee and Mama Andrea Grey tells us a not many things about herself. Then this babe takes her large zeppelins out of her very low-cut dress and reveals u exactly where to touch her. And then that babe gets herself off. Loudly.

“I think in my other life, I was an actress ‘cuz I adore to brandish myself the way I am, and this is one of the ways,” Andrea said.

Yes, that is right: showing her large, fake bra-busters and very soaked cunt (and her butthole, too) is one of the ways. Some other way: rogering on-camera for all the world to see. That’ll happen next.

Andrea has had some interesting sexual encounters. For example, there was the time this babe got a boy off with her feet…while she was wearing high heels.

“I’d at not time done anything adore that,” she told. “He at no time touched me. This buck touched my shoes only. I was so impressed. I have not at any time observed a boy cum so much. This chab exploded! It was so cool. And can you imagine my shoes?”

Indeed, it’s not Andrea’s shoes we’re thinking about.

In any case, enjoy this hot Latina SEXY HOUSEWIFE. The foremost is yet to come.

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Backstage With Annellise Croft

Backstage With Annellise Croft

We’re backstage with Annelise Croft, a golden-haired MILF with jaw-dropping large knockers and lengthy, pointy areolas.

“At night when I sleep I do not wear a underneath garment. Sometimes when I go out at night I do not wear a under garment. It depends on the situation and where I’m going. If I’m going out for the night, maybe exotic dancing, I love to dress provocatively and classy at the same time. I like to be more of an exhibitionist. I like to dance and show it all off. That is why swinging married couples places are nice for me, so I can expose it all off. I adore showing my fun bags! I adore having my marangos out in the open.

“I think about sex a lot. Watching porn, getting my nipples sucked, the list goes on. I’m definitely an exhibitionist who completely loves to pose in front of a digital camera, whether I’m clothed or in nature’s garb.”

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Lastly 18!

Lastly 18!

Finally 18!

Occupation: Pupil; Age: Eighteen; Born: August 12; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Panties; Anal: I like licking and fingering; BJs: Drink; Masturbate: Previous to I go to sleep.

Former gymnast and current high school first-year student Ana said us the last time we saw her that that babe was unsure about fucking a chap on-camera. Well, this babe got past her nervousness. “I decided to throw caution to the wind coz, honestly, shag it, y’know? Shooting a porn scene sounds adore tons of pleasure!

“I check out lots of porn,” Ana confided to us. “I just started bunking with some other angel in the dorm, and she’s alright, but she’s not somebody I crave to party with. When this babe goes out, I hang in my bunk and observe porn on my laptop. My favourite is big-tit lesbo porn, but I too actually enjoy gangbang ram. I am too scared to do a group action, but I adore watching them.

“I’ve got a bucket list of things I wanna do in my freshman year. I spent all of my time in high school studying and playing sports, so I wanna experience recent things now that I am in college. I don’t gulp or do drugs, so my list relies more on erotic things. I would love to try anal. I’ve had my butt played with previous to, but I have at not time tried penetration. I would likewise like to try fisting. I guess I have to detect a skirt chaser with a medium-sized rod and diminutive hands! Then I could check off the one and the other of those things.”

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Velvet and the guy-next-door

Velvet and the guy-next-door

In her 3rd scene at, 55-year-old divorcee and Mom Velvet sucks and shags her neighbor. It’s a revenge shag for Velvet, but if u ask us, Velvet was just looking for an excuse to bonk. Not that she needs one. This babe calls herself “Canada’s Hottest MILF.” Is there any competition? If so, we’d adore to see that lady.

50Plus MILFs: U said us that u were a late bloomer. You weren’t the hot hotty in school, were u?
Velvet: Definitely not. I’ve no idea how many boys I propositioned, “Have sex with me.” They all told, “We love u as a ally.” U know, I was the jocks’ friend who hung out mainly with the boys. The beauties didn’t like me. The boyz didn’t urge to have sex with me. I was just a buddy. They’re kicking themselves now!
50Plus MILFs: I bet. I suppose you were the last gal anyone would have contemplated to do this.
Velvet: Definitely. When I go on Facebook, I see what all the high-school cheerleaders look like now, and I’m like, “Yeah! U do not look like this!” And I know for a fact that they’re not doing this!
50Plus MILFs: Do u ever run into people from high school who say, “Wow, what happened?”
Velvet: I have run into a not many studs who’ve said, “If only I had hung around,” and I’ll say, “Yeah, but that chance is gone.”
50Plus MILFs: But it did not take u very lengthy to blossom. U used to be a glamour model, right?
Velvet: I was. I modeled in Europe when I was in my mid-20s. I worked for a pair of high-end lingerie companies. Raiment lines. I did a lot of hand glamour modeling. Legs, feet. And then I moved into the fashion industry and was managing stores.
50Plus MILFs: What’s the most-fun job you have ever had?
Velvet: Doing exactly what I am doing now!
50Plus MILFs: You are a swinger. Do you like to be watched while having sex?
Velvet: I do quite enjoy being watched as it’s part of the lifestyle, and I’m a voyeur, so I like watching, too. And now I’m intend to acquire to do smth I at no time thought I’d have to do: I’m gonna be accustomed to see myself having sex!

Watch More of Velvet Skye at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Natasha Sweet’s Big-Tit Fuckfest

Natasha Sweet's Big-Tit Orgy

“I become very sexually excited when I imagine having sex with more than one boy,” ultra-voluptuous and sultry Natasha Fascinating admitted. Here, Natasha doesn’t have to imagine it because she’s got 2 bucks to play with. Very wanton doesn’t adequately describe how hawt this babe is.

During the time that she waits in bed for her duett to arrive, Natasha takes her greatly biggest, natural bazookas without her dress. The bucks flaunt up willing for the heat with this hot Amazon. She reaches for their dongs, jerking and sucking each one.

Natasha disrobes and acquires on her back so Michael can fuck her fullsome funbags and George can give her pecker to suck. That babe sucks on the head of Michael’s rod wedged in her breast valley, making popping sounds.

While George feeds Natasha rod and copulates her bumpers, Michael slips his stiffy into Natasha’s sexy twat and pounds her rock hard and fast. They exchange sides so Natasha on-top can bounce on George’s pole during the time that this babe fills her face hole with Michael’s meat.

As the trio pump, hump and grind in different poses, Natasha shakes and jiggles her heavy milk sacks. Natasha’s meaty sex drive and skills acquire her 2 bucks erupting adore volcanoes.

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A Ride to Pound-town

A Ride to Pound-town

Zoe is stranded on the side of the road when her brother’s friend rolls up to give her a ride. That babe desires to repay him for his kindness, but her intentions aren’t purely selfless. She’s had a crush on him for a while and urges to identify out what that chap is packing.

They make dunky talk and Zoe scoots closer to him, eventually sitting on his lap. She can feel his erection and goes in for it. This babe takes out his penis and bobs her head up and down as that fellow thrusts into her hungry throat.

With Zoe’s petticoat still on, he takes her doggy position. The sex is fast and rock hard right from the get-go, just how Zoe loves it. They screw in a multiformity of poses, and Zoe is on a mission to make sure this babe cums–twice!–by diddling her clitoris as she gets pounded. Once that babe is gotten hers, Zoe gets down on her knees and gladly takes his ball batter on her beautiful face.

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