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Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Here’s a first at In fact, it is a 1st for any SCORE Group site. Kelly Scott, a 54-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE and GILF from all over the place, receives interviewed while completely in nature’s garb. From start-to-finish, she’s not wearing a thing.

Other than her heels.

And her hirsute muff.

Her very shaggy cum-hole.

It is one of a few things this marvelous, personable woman-next-door talks about in this wide-ranging interview.

This babe too talks about her travels. As we’ve told, she is lived in lots of places.

This babe talks about what it is like to have sex in Alaska in the dead of winter (and the dangers of bears and moose).

She talks about how she ended up at

“I answered a casting call throughout CraigsList,” she told. “It told, ‘If you are 60 and still have it,’ and I thought, ‘Maybe they have room for a Fifty.'”

And we did.

“I remember asking [our model recruiter], ‘Do you desire me to shave?’ and that babe told, ‘No, don’t do that!'”

No, Kelly. Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that.

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Mama with shaggy wet crack breaks her XXX cherry

Mom with shaggy slit breaks her XXX cherry

Kelly Scott is a 54-year-old Mother and grandmother who has lived in a lot of places, and now her travels have taken her to Miami, Florida for her 1st porn scene.

“I always wanted to try porn,” Kelly said. “I always wanted to be one of these beauties. I though it would be enjoyment. I wanted to watch what it’s love. I adore different experiences.”

Kelly is different. She’s had plenty of different experiences.

“I was born in Hawaii, then I moved to Arizona, and then to L.A. and then to Seattle and Fairbanks, Alaska, back to Arizona, Nashville, then I raised my kids in Arizona, then from Arizona to outside of Yellowstone Park and then Jackson Gap Wyoming, then Portland, then to Anchorage, down to Austin and now Miami.”

That babe is been a bartender…a hawt bartender. She’s had sex on the hood of a car at night after closing time. There were security cameras all over. This babe liked that. That might have been her first clue that she’d relish fucking on-camera.

And guess what? We buried the lead, as they say in the newspaper business.

Kelly has one of the hairiest vaginas we have ever seen. A full growth.

“Most women are so hairless, people don’t realize that babes have hair down there. When I was growing up, nobody was shaven. People want something that is different. Furthermore, I do not wanna look adore a little kid.”

When that babe goes to the beach, her love tunnel hair overflows her bikini.

“Guys look. If they’re really juvenile, I might tanalise them a little bit.”

There’s no teasing in this scene. Kelly sucks shlong and shags it on-camera for the 1st time. She opens her throat for cum. This babe has a hot little body with merry whoppers, and although this babe looks younger than her age, you are just going to must believe us when we say that she’s Fifty four. Kelly says that babe is Fifty four, and no woman lies about her age on the maturer side.

Kelly’s a winner.

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Man-Milk: It Does A Big breasted Body Priceless

Man-Milk: It Does A Breasty Body Good

For many years, XL Girls and 80% of the world’s male population has attempted to convince gals that male nut-juice contains many nutrients that are healthy for growing, big-boobed females. We stand by this mantra.

Betty Blac pole-dances well with Al who is entranced by Betty’s immense 36K top-shelf. If this chab was not a tit-man in advance of, this fellow became one. Betty has a captivating face, likewise, as well as a great smile and a pleasing personality.

Watching Betty shag, and shag so well, it is a surprise to know that this babe solely dated honeys until this babe was Twenty eight.

“The first time I had sex was with a dominatrix. I was 21 years mature. I started go out with studs when I lived in Australia and since then have dated a almost any of studs. I still like chicks but my attraction to bucks is stronger and I adore cock.”

Holding Al’s shaft directly in front of her mouth, tongue outstretched, Betty jerks his rod with precise strokes to a messy, cheerful ending.

“I tend to be passive when it comes to sex. Sometimes I initiate things, but the most of the time, the lad will start things up.”

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Shining Star

Shining Star

Shining Star

“Me and my bigger than run of the mill sister Helen are larger than typical showoffs!” Erin Star is contented of saying. Erin is a cutie who walks softly, talks softly and carries a large magic wand, like the one she’s playing with in this scene. Showoffs love Erin are who we live for.

Erin is breast-blessed. Her left boob is a little greater than her right, which, generally-speaking is how it’s in nature. This babe has 2 coyness nipples surrounded by very larger than average nipps. Her boobies are very pliable. She loves to squeeze and rub them while that babe looks into the digital camera with a very knowing expression, as if to say, “Look at what nature gave me.”

Always smiling, Erin is a fun-lover who looks at the positive side of life. What would she have done if this babe hadn’t become a model? We don’t even crave to think about that.

In a separate bonus movie with slow motion, Erin swings them from side-to-side, a episode Helen did also.

Watch More of Erin Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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From Germany With Mammaries

From Germany With Bra-busters

Sandra Sturm is from Dresden, Germany. Being in SCORE was smth that babe thought about for a long-time so she made contact and sent her nude fotos over. This babe and one of our photographers based in Europe, who is also German, clicked well together. Sandra admitted this babe was nervous the night previous to her first SCORE shoot although you’d not at all know it. She’s been a adult model in Europe for 3 years.

Sandra likes to ride motorcycles, shop, cook and workout at the Fitness Centre 3 times a week. We’re sure that babe attracts plenty of attention there. We didn’t ask about it but we can picture Sandra riding her motorcycle topless, her lengthy black hair wind-whipped as that babe heads on down the road.

“I always wear a brassiere,” Sandra told, her answers translated by our photographer. “I usually need a fitting for the foremost support. I prefer elegant-looking bras.

“The funniest thing a smooth operator ever told to me was at an adult convention. This chab approached me and asked me to make a mellons print, putting paint on my zeppelins and pressing it on a bigger than standard piece of paper, like a painting.”

See More of Sandra Sturm at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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Aubrey Darksome

Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
Aubrey Black @
Aubrey Dark is a super-hot realtor…and a self-proclaimed "super fan" of porn. As she is finishing a tour of a glamourous home that’s being rented, Aubrey makes that confession to the two younger Bulls who’ve been touring the home. They’re surprised…but not also much. It isn’t the first time the Bulls have been recognized. It begins love this: "I know you from somewhere." Aubrey’s a bit worried, also. After the Bulls confess, Aubrey wonders out loud, "Are u lads plan to rent this place and turn in into a copulate house? ‘coz the owners won’t adore that!" The irony here is, of course, Mrs. Darksome is intend to do what these owners do not like: copulate the 2 Bulls right on their couch! This babe is also gonna do smth she’s AT NOT TIME done before…but fantasized about many times: banging 2 chaps at once! Aubrey has always wondered if the Bulls she watches in obscene videos can actually fuck rock hard, and sure enough — they can! One as well as the other youthful Bulls rail the old woman adore Mr. Darksome cannot. This babe groans. This babe wails. This babe gushes cum out of her enlarged fur pie! Speaking of her inflated cum-hole, one as well as the other Bulls dump colossal amounts of man cream unfathomable in it…even though this babe warns them: "I’m ovulating!" Not merely don’t they care, they’re gonna to rent their fresh screw abode as well! And Mrs. Aubrey Dark will be seeing ’em often!
Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
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Me And Sophia Gently

Me And Sophia Gently Me And Sophia Gently
Me And Sophia Gently @
View me and my pal Sophia, in my daddy’s office. We’re just hanging out, savouring our little slumber party, when all of a sudden this fresh kid named Immoral came by. Did I mention that Sophia’s my best friend, and I was the one who introduced her to the Power of Darksome Weenie? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were in that hottub, and that babe was helping me unwind my ass, and then we were engulfing Skinny and Bam! You can still watch it on my web resource! In any case, today Amoral comes by, bonks me and Sophia inexperienced, and blows a larger than standard wad on Sophia’s tummy. What’s a worthwhile dark dick whore to do but clean her up with my tounge? Hee hee! So that’s exactly what I do…and then me and Sophia seal our friendship with a kiss…a sticky, gooey one! Ewww! ROTFL. XOXO – Spring
Me And Sophia Gently Me And Sophia Gently
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Cat Girl’s Humongous Cleavage

Cat Girl's Humongous Cleavage

Mischievous Kitty speaks fluent English and Russian. “I likewise play the flute and piccolo!” Kitty said. She’s got 40Gs busting her below garment, and in this scene, this babe wears a cat-style bodysuit that really does justice to her phenomenal curves.

XLGirls: Are you into any fetishes?

Kitty: I adore the tickle fetish even though I loathe being tickled, smth about watching anybody else acquire tickle-tortured just makes me very randy.

XLGirls: Do u masturbate a lot?

Kitty: I like to masturbate but I’m very picky with the porn I see when I do. I love being cuddled in my blankets in the dark at the end of a lengthy day and watching sexual and passionate porn, and I usually orgasm previous to any hardcore action!

XLGirls: What about your sexual fantasies?

Kitty: I’m all about my enjoyment when it comes to anything raunchy so my sexual fantasy would definitely be a bunch of fellows and honeys in a room strictly there to please me.

Watch More of Mischievous Kitty at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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Rita Daniels’ 3rd Dual Penetration!

Rita Daniels' 3rd Dual Penetration!

This movie attempts to answer the question, “Why do plumbers acquire all the good cum-hole?”

Really, it doesn’t attempt to answer that question at all. But it does train us plenty of stuff.

For example, it teaches us that 66-year-old Mommy and grandmother Rita Daniels is one of the horniest vixens ever.

Oh, u already knew that. But did u know that at the start of this scene, Rita’s bawdy cleft and gazoo are filled with toys?

It teaches us that Rita can’t live out of juvenile 10-Pounder. The chaps in this scene are a combined Fifty nine years mature, seven years younger than Rita’s age.

U knew that, likewise. But did you know that they could barely keep up with her?

It teaches us that very not many women in the world can suck and fuck adore Rita.

Yep, we know, u knew that. And the boyz know it, also, after their balls have been drained.

And it proves that Rita, the most-fucked 60Plus MILF ever, is too the most-DP’d 60Plus Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK ever, having now been DP’d three times.

U probably suspected that might happen.

We adore Rita. We love her nice-looking face. We like her greater than typical boobs and shaved cookie. We like that she’ll do totally anything for our pleasure.

Cuz it’s for her pleasure, likewise.

Watch More of Rita Daniels at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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The plumbers plunder Rita’s holes

The plumbers plunder Rita's holes

Rita Daniels, our most-fucked MILF/GILF ever, can never receive enough meat-thermometer. She’s a huge-titted, 66-year-old granny who has now enjoyed 2 DPs at, enjoyed them so much that this babe decided to make the third time happen.

So she calls the plumbers to fix a rammed pipe in her kitchen, but as far as they can tell, everything’s working admirable.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I do not see the problem,” Peter says, but when this chap looks up, that lady-killer is stunned to watch Rita sat on the counter with her legs widen and her cunt and anal opening stuffed with toys.

“I don’t need an unstuffing,” she says. “I need a double stuffing from your big knobs.”

Peter and Tony had heard about Ms. Daniels from the other service crew in the neighborhood. They heard about how many times the cable boy has fucked her constricted arsehole, and a couple of movers have their own tale to tell. Now it is their turn.

Rita leads the plumbers to the living room daybed, where it is more comfortable, and when the toys come out, the schlongs go in. Rita’s great at mouthing balls–it’s one of the first things that babe did when that babe discharged her first scenes for us in 2010–and she’s accomplished at riding one jock whilst sucking some other. But now she’s wondering about the plumbers’ prowess.

“You males ready for a little DP?” this babe asks.

Rita had been DP’d solely once in advance of that babe did her 1st DOUBLE PENETRATION. Now she’s done two more DP scenes, including an interracial. Said Rita, “When I’m getting screwed in the ass and there is a penis in my vagina, it shoves the 10-Pounder that’s in my ass right up into my G-spot, and it’s completely epic. I feel adore I am going to come into trance mode. It is so magnificant to acquire one as well as the other holes rogered.”

By the way, Peter is Twenty three and Tony is 36, so the combined age of the males is far less than Rita’s. Basically, one of the bucks who’s DPing her is young sufficient to be her grandson and the other is youthful enough to be her son, and that just turns up the amorous factor for this very horny lady who can never receive enough.

Watch More of Rita Daniels at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Getting Constricted With Nixie Night

Getting Constricted With Nixie Night

Nixie Night kicks off this XXX scene by being breast massaged by male hands whilst she lays on her back in ottoman. This babe spins around and reaches for Largo’s junk, her lips moving in anticipation of filling her throat. This smooth operator feasts on her teats and pulls his meat-hammer out for Nixie to pounce on eagerly. They play orall-service games, her tongue touching with tongue and flicking the shaft. They strip in record time, yearning for action.

Nixie lays on her side, her mouth hovering over Largo’s meat-thermometer. That man fucks her face hole with fast strokes as this chab holds her head in place. Nixie can get half of his lengthy wood in her throat which is a lot more good than some of his other bed-partners. That babe doesn’t gag, which is awesome. There’s no question that babe can unfathomable mouth average-sized guys.

Largo asks Nixie to suck and take up with the tongue his nuts. This babe giggles and tongue-tickles the nuts, pulling on the ball sac with her lips. At five minutes, this is one of the longer blow jobs in fresh scenes. Nixie receives on her back for a vigorous tit-fucking and, believe us, there’s a lot of Nixie’s billibongs to copulate. When it comes time to shag Nixie, this babe climbs on board 1st for a reverse cowgirl and goes wild with heat. The fucking acquires even hotter as the action builds up to a greater than typical cum facial. In extreme close-up, we watch Nixie’s face being jizzed as this babe hungrily licks up what cums her way. She’s a winner.

Watch More of Nixie Night at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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Nude Yoga, Large Billibongs & Bush

Naked Yoga, Bigger than run of the mill Pantoons & Bush

Dulcinea has a nude yoga session lined up. It’s greatly educational. Her practice of this ancient discipline includes yoga mounds, the ancient practice of swinging and bouncing mellons. As Dulcinea said, “I love to do yoga a little bit differently. I do not love all this restrictive clothing.” Dulcinea has a full bush here.

“I like knowing that anybody is turned on by me,” Dulcinea told us. “I’m actually into exhibitionism and voyeurism, so being observed or stared at, not at all bothers me. I realize I have a really shapely body and that people are intend to notice. But instead of annoying me, it gives me confidence and determination, especially when I want to stay home and binge-eat brownies but elect to go to the Fitness Centre instead.”

Dulcinea is into wearing titty-tops.

“It’s unyielding to detect hot clothing coz my body is very curvaceous. But If I know my mammaries and hips are accentuated, I feel invincible. Low-cut shirts and short skirts are a have to, but body-hugging dresses are my beloved. I love, like, love showing off my breast valley, too! And I quit wearing bras so I imagine I am a sight to see with my mellons just swinging around.”

Watch More of Dulcinea at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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