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Divorcee, Mother, jack dream

Divorcee, Mom, jack fantasy

Connie McCoy, a 55-year-old divorcee from Southern California who has children at home and tons of friends and relatives who would be shocked to see her here, discloses that that babe is not here only for our joy. She’s here for hers, likewise.

Connie tells us that she was married for Thirty years to a stud who wasn’t interested in sex. Then that babe brandishes off her flexibility.

“How supple are you?” our interviewer asks.

“Scary flexible,” this babe says. “I can put both feet behind my head, although it’s not a Pilates move.”

With Connie’s legs all the way back, our skirt chaser enters the set, the cum-hole eating begins and Connie’s on her way. 1st, this babe flaunts off her cock-sucking skills, and that babe seems to be very hungry for man-meat as that babe tries to receive all of our young stud’s meat-thermometer into her throat. She makes noises coz she loves what she’s doing and too cuz that babe has watched sufficient porn to know that pornstars aren’t supposed to be quiet when they suck meat-thermometer. That babe sucks his balls and jacks his pecker while looking into the digi camera. That chap sits down, and Connie tries to acquire as much of his meat-thermometer into her mouth as this babe can, as if it is a defiance, and if you look closely, u can watch that her nipps have gotten harder. Then it is up on all fours for more cock-sucking. This time, her eyes are closed. She is really getting into it, focusing. Later, that babe said us, “I forgot the camera was there.”

When that babe rides him cowgirl-style, she has him stick a finger in her butthole, and she rides it hard, complimenting our chap, loving his knob.

Because for Connie, rogering at GrannyGetsAFacial isn’t just a job. It’s an adventure.

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Mia’s 1st time…and third lad in 30 years!

Mia's 1st time...and third woman chaser in 30 years!

Until 50-year-old Mia Morgan walked into our studio, she had had sex with solely 2 studs in the final 30 years. One was her 1st husband. The other was her current partner. And then, in the span of two days, this babe doubled her output. Or input. Or whatsoever. She had sex with 2 of our fellows. Tarzan, her Lothario in this scene, is one of them.

U know, plenty of honeys who shag at are swinger couples. Not Mia. They’re nudists. Not Mia. That babe said until that babe met her swinging husband, “I did not even know that lifestyle existed. I would by no means even heard the word swinging.”

Mia was born in Sacramento, California and raised in rural Arkansas.

“It’s the Baptist bible belt,” this babe said. “Where I taught school, I had to have socks or nylons on my feet all the time. I could wear dresses or skirts that went beneath the knee.”

Yeah, she was an simple school teacher. Now, she is doing this. Wearing a see-through top. Sucking and screwing a petticoat chaser she met five minutes agone.

“My husband said that I had avid skills and I had to have been a pornstar in my past, and it kind of leaked down to where that chap said, ‘You could be a porno star.’ This chap sent in my images and I by no means thought I would acquire a response. I didn’t think I would be accepted.” And when we accepted her, this babe told, “You’re kidding me!”

We obviously weren’t kidding her. Here’s Mia.

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Work that boss’s ass!

Work that boss's a-hole!

Jamie is a hard-driving, bitchy boss, and she’s making a lot of demands. This poor lad has plenty of work to do and not much time to do it, but this chab is distracted by Jamie. U see, she is sitting in the office in a very unprofessional manner. Her legs are crossed, and this poor shlub can see the top of her stockings and her haunches, and Jamie’s talking about work, and all he craves her to do is work his wang.

“Are u paying attention to me?” Jamie asks. “Have you written down everything that I said?”

She takes his notepad to see what he’s been writing, and this babe is shocked.

“Wow, ‘I urge to pound that arse?’ That’s what you wrote?” Jamie says, aghast. “‘Do you unfathomable mouth? I desire your butt?’ That’s what you’ve been taking notes about the complete time?”

Now emboldened, the petticoat chaser says, “I also wrote, ‘I urge u to suck my meat-thermometer right now.'”

This kind of stuff can get a boy fired…if his boss is someone other than Jamie.

“You know what I guess?” Jamie tells him. “I think you are a very immodest boy. I adore indecent males.”

Jamie found out about us from a friend she knows online. That babe has a long list of fetishes and is a very perverted woman. No one indeed knows how wild her intimate sex life is.

“I love sex multiple times a day,” Jamie said. “I can be yielding or bossy depending on my husband of the pont of time. I am kind of an exhibitionist. I adore men or vixens getting sexually aroused by watching me. In a episode, I can get thousands of people hot.”

That babe definitely does that.

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Just an ass-slammed midwestern housewife

Just an ass-slammed midwestern housewife

“I like anal sex,” flat-chested Iowa housewife Ruthie said us. “It makes me feel love a bimbo to know that there’s a pecker in my gazoo. My beloved thing to do is give blow jobs to strangers in public. My second beloved thing is to receive ass-fucked by strangers.”

For the record, Ruthie met the lad who’s fucking her here just a scarcely any hours earlier (when they discharged the photo version of this scene). So he’s not a whole stranger. And he is already fucked Ruthie’s booty.

“And now he’s intend to do it again,” Ruthie said, smiling love she always appears to be to do. “I cant wait!”

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Searching For Dark Meat

Searching For Black Meat Searching For Darksome Meat
Searching For Dark Meat @
This day I have been to all the Meat Departments at all of the grocery stores and all the local Butcher Shops but I just can not discover any Dark-skinned Meat! Then, during the time that I was walking throughout the parking lot I met this short little dark chap. Very sexy. I was greatly surprised to take this darksome guy home and discover that for such a little lady-killer this ladies man has an ENORMOUS SCHLONG! I could barely fit this massive piece of meat in my mouth, let alone my petite cookie. They always say everything’s bigger in Texas, but that’s bullshit… Everything’s bigger in size in AFRICA!
Searching For Dark Meat Searching For Black Meat
Visit – sister of the celebrated Spring Thomas | Katie Thomas | Searching For Darksome Meat

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There’s no cooling off Caelea

There's no cooling off Caelea

Caelea takes a shower to phat herself off, but it solely makes her hotter. Which toy will this babe pull from her bag of tricks to fun herself? See and investigate.

Calea is Fourty seven years aged. She is divorced. We asked her if that babe thought about doing something adore this when that babe was married, and this babe told, “I’ve had dreams about posing ever since I saw my 1st impure magazine. But I just got involved with life, raising a family, and it not at any time happened.”

This babe made her boobs larger. She screwed on-camera and even had a threesome. That babe showed off her screw holes for all the world to watch. Some babes aged just the way we desire ’em to.

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Suzy bonks. Boyfriend watches.

Suzy fucks. Spouse watches.

Suzy just isn’t any 58-year-old. She is married. This babe is a swinger who likes to view and loves when people view.

“Fucking is great, but being viewed during the time that I am screwing makes it more outstanding,” that babe said. “The fact that my spouse was sitting 10 feet away and watching during the time that I was doing this makes it even better.”

Suzy says this babe is never had a problem seducing studs her age and old. But this babe was dying to watch how she’d do with a younger man, which led her to us. The lad is 28.

How’d that babe do?

“Great cunt,” the man said. “Tight as an 18-year-old’s.”

How’d he do?

“Great,” Suzy told. “But I do not discriminate. Old weenie, young dick…it’s all priceless.”

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Short, stacked and taking 2 rods in her wazoo

Short, stacked and taking 2 dongs in her ass

When this scene opens, Cassidy bears a resemblance to a rich society playgirl in her spruce white top and trousers, jewelry and fur coat, but the truth is…well, we’ll let this short ‘n’ stacked, 50-year-old divorcee display her true self.

“Hey, baby, are u going to make me hot and soaked?” she says to one of 2 boyz who’s about to fill each one of her holes. “Are u going to take my knockers out and suck on ’em? Lick my screwing twat? Stick your wang in my booty?”

She tells one of the boyz to “kiss my tits” and adds, “I cant expect for you to stick your larger than typical wang in my love tunnel.”

Yes, that’s the truth about Cassidy: that she’s a 50 something slut who can’t live without knob in her butt. And the truth will set your meat-thermometer free!

The boys jam her anus with their cocks and Cassidy acquires her legs all the way back and moans, “Fuck that obscene, wicked darksome hole with that large fuckin’ pecker!”

And u must watch what those guys do to her face! They glaze it to the point where Cassidy is not quite unrecognizable. Cum drips off her eyelashes and her nose and her cheeks and down her chin and onto her shoulders and her bigger than run of the mill milk cans. It leaks with out her nose and into her mouth to the point where this babe is practically painted with cum, and what that babe doesn’t get on her skin she sucks into her face hole.

Chic? Cassidy? Maybe somewhere else she is, but not here. No fuckin’ way.

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The wife and the happily cuckolded partner

The wife and the happily cuckolded husband

Here, we’ve Allura James, a 54-year-old accountant from California. There, we’ve Sergio, her shag buddy for the day. And there we’ve Rick, Allura’s real-life hubby. This chab unveils up while Allura is groping Sergio’s strapon, and at 1st, it sounds like this ladies man doesn’t adore what he is seeing.

“What are you doing?” partner bellows.

“Oh, I forgot to tell u, that is all,” Allura answers.

Tell him? Tell him what? That this babe planned to suck and copulate a stranger’s dong right there in the living room of their marital house? Is that the arrangement Allura has with her spouse?

“You’re at it anew?” hubby says. “You cant keep on doing this!”

“It’s alright. I just want him,” this babe says.

And that’s when the situation takes a turn.

“You’re sure?” boyfriend says.

“He’s rigid and I urge him,” Allura says.

“Fine,” partner says, sat down. “You have him.” Then this chab addresses Sergio. “By the way, my name is Rick. Take care of it. I am intend to acquire something to eat and look at.”

Take care of it? Is that how this chab refers to his lovely wife’s mouth and cookie? Well, yes, it is, ‘coz in this relationship, there’s the specific like Allura has for her hubby and the entirely different special love that babe has for wang. Some dudes would be jealous. Some guys wouldn’t allow it to happen. But, you see, Rick enjoys watching his wife copulate other dudes. Allura enjoys banging other dudes. And sometimes in a relationship, compromises receive to be made…especially when they’re not really compromises.

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The MILF-next-door and the BBC

The MILF-next-door and the BBC

Karen DeVille, now 55 years old, returns to suck and bonk a BBC on-camera for the first time. This wife and Mama hasn’t had sex on-camera since 2012, the final time she was in our studio, and we’re very glad she’s been saving her public fucking forays for us.

Karen, who has brown hair and a hawt body with greater than run of the mill mangos, calls herself a soccer Mother. She says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here. The outfit she is wearing in this scene–a taut top and shorts–is not smth she’d have worn to one of her kid’s soccer games…especially the fuck-me shoes, but that babe looks great in them. Fuckable.

Karen is 5’4″ tall with D-cup bouncy bosoms. Her idea of a ideal day is breakfast in bed, a walk in the park and an evening spent in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. And who knows what’ll happen next? That babe likes sucking ramrod and having her cum-hole eaten. Hey, that could happen next!

Karen 1st came to our attention in 2008, when a intimate photographer sent us some photos of her. We posted ’em at Karen calls them “lingerie images.” We call ’em mellons and spread pussy pix. Karen’s body has matured beautifully. She’s sexier than ever. She is still the woman-next-door. And that’s specific.

Watch More of Karen DeVille at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Sindy’s 1st time

Sindy's first time

This scene opens with a slit brandish. The videographer tries to interview Sindy Silver, but this babe is more interested in spreading her legs and showing off her freshly hairless vagina.

“I’m glamorous amorous,” says 52-year-old Sindy, who tells us that that babe is a nurse. She goes to married couples strip clubs.

Things heat up when the ladies man who is gonna copulate her hands her a small, wrapped box. That babe think that is very wonderful for him. It’s. It is precious of him to give Sindy a gift in advance of he fills her mouth and pussy with his meat-thermometer. The gift is a sheer dress. Sindy tries it on. This babe looks worthwhile in that costume. Wearing that suit makes her hornier, so this babe begins mouthing meat-thermometer.

And that’s how things go at the starting of Sindy’s first hardcore episode. Before long, she is getting fucked and enjoying a load of cum all over her face.

Sindy was born in Seattle, Washington and now lives in Southern California. She’s 5’7″ and measures a curvy 36-26-36. That babe is divorced. She enjoys biking, swimming, underware shopping and shopping in thrift stores. That babe enjoys showing off her body. Although she’s sometimes very penis-oriented, this babe loves to see men’s eyes. She’s a nurse now, but this babe has been a cocktail waitress, property manager and PA. This babe was even a glamour model for a whilst.

“I love to be stripped,” Sindy told. “I love to bonk.”

This babe came to the right place.

Watch More of Sindy Silver at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!

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Back For Dark

Back For Black

Karen DeVille can not stay away! At first blush, this 55-year-old MILF doesn’t appear to be the kind of lady who would shag on-camera, but you’ve got to scratch under the surface. In fact, she’s described herself as a soccer Mother and as a cougar. That babe is simultaneously classy and concupiscent.

“I came to u boyz through a ally. I thought it would be plenty of enjoyment,” Karen told us. “That was years ago. I’ve come back whenever I’ve that itch that needs to be scratched.”

By “that itch” Karen means “her cunt needs to get stretched, filled and plowed by a hung gent half her age.” And that skirt chaser this day happens to be Jax Blax, a meaty black chap with a billy-club for a cock. And Karen can not wait to initiate engulfing him in instruct to watch how greater than run of the mill that woman chaser can receive.

We have a DVD-line called Chocolate Stuffed MILFS, and we think that after this peculiar show, Karen will be headlining the next edition.

See More of Karen DeVille at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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