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What Happens When You’re Working Late

What Happens When You're Working Late

When partner is away, the wife can’t live without to play. Dawn is a housewife with a naughty secret, she’s banging a chap nearly half her age! What else do you receive to know about Dawn? She’s Fourty five, married happily and loves ass stab. No, seriously. This babe fucking likes it. Her boy-toy begins finger-fucking her fur pie, but this babe demands that this man stick his digits in her anus. You’d better believe this babe wishes him to shag her in the gazoo, also! Then this babe makes a simple request; she craves him to drop his ball batter on her tongue. Not shockingly, her woman chaser obliges her that request.

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Lefty And The Load Dumpers

Lefty And The Load Dumpers Lefty And The Load Dumpers
Lefty And The Load Dumpers @
Do you boys know what a load dumper is? Well even if you do, I must tell the fans who do not. A load dumper is a smooth operator who doesn’t have to have sex with me, but still receives to cum on me. In this scene there’re sooo many load dumpers it gets nutty. You will acquire it when u have to the end of the scene. There were adore 4 chaps that gotta cum on me. I freaked out a little cause some got into my eyes and that burns really bad. I endevoured to wipe it off but everyone yelled at me, so I had to just sit there and deal with the burning eye. I execrate when it gets in my eyes, I hope you adore watching it though.
Lefty And The Load Dumpers Lefty And The Load Dumpers
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MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

The SEXY HOUSEWIFE of the Month is the wondrous over-60 big breasted golden-haired Cara Reid who is getting the shaft from Tony DeSergio. The kind of shaft that is very fine for her.

How did Cara acquire here?

“My ally Sally D’Angelo,” said Cara. “I like me some Sally. I did not know anything about this. She was reluctant to bring it up. She did not wish me to think badly of her, but I told her I thought it was outstanding! Then this babe said that I would be flawless, and I said her, ‘Let me think about that.’ One thing led to some other. I took pix then I got a phone call two days later, and so it began.”

So, to sum up, Cara is buddies with Sally D’Angelo. They are friends who ride motorcycles together with their spouses. Cara did not know that Sally is a porn star or that Sally and her partner are swingers. Sally did not know that Cara and her husband are swinger couples. When Cara learned Sally was more than a swinger and is a adult star, the wheels spun into 3rd gear

“I lived a very sheltered life so I guess this is wild. 15 years agone I met my second partner. This chab opened my eyes to all kinds of things. I had a Southern upbringing with the bible, church, things love that. As I was growing up I’d feel things inside, but society says that ladies do not do things like that. I was raised love that. But then when I met my second husband this fellow told he saw in me smth that I was not aware of. It had been suppressed.”

Subdued no more!

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Sara’s 1st time…while her cuckold spouse watches

Sara's 1st time...while her cuckold boyfriend watches

Sara Skiphers, a 48-year-old wife and Mom from California, makes her fucking-on-camera-for-all-the-world-to-see debut by sucking and banging JMac’s large penis right in front of her boyfriend. Husband doesn’t seem too pleased about it. Would u adore being made a cuckold by your captivating, astronomical boobed, concupiscent wife? The look on Walter Skiphers’ face says, “I can not believe this babe is doing this to me.” The look on Sara’s face says, “I’m appreciating what JMac is doing to me.” Hey, we wager husband by no means turned her upside-down and piledrive-fucked her.

Sara was pointed in our direction by Sally D’Angelo, who seems to be uncovering plenty of amorous SEXY HOUSEWIVES those days. Thanks, Sally! Sara is a Mama and a grandmother, this babe isn’t a swinger and she says her fantasy is “having someone view me getting it.” Fantasy fulfilled. In this case, somebody would be her spouse and all of the members.

We asked Sara if the people who know her would be surprised to see her here, and that babe told, “Yes, but they’d be contented of me.”

Sara has blue eyes. This babe is 5’4″ and weighs approximately 124 pounds. She has D-cup bumpers. This babe wishes to journey around the world.

What does her boyfriend wanna do?

Well, actually, judging by these pics and the way Sara’s treating him? Who cares?

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Sadie Blair

Sadie Blair Sadie Blair
Sadie Blair @

Sadie Blair Sadie Blair

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Annellise and the cuckold

Annellise and the cuckold

1st, we watch Roger showing up at the office and asking the office administrator if his wife is in. Then we see Annellise Croft moaning while stuffing her face hole with knob. It’s obviously not her husband’s dick.

“Your husband’s here,” the office administrator asks. “What should I do?”

“Send him in!” Annellise says.

The receptionist sends him in, and what does he see? His 50-year-old wife engulfing a greater than run of the mill, bulky weenie and really getting into it.

“Annellise!” Roger says.

“Roger, what are you doing here? Come in and sit right down. How does this make u feel?”

“What are u doing?” Roger says.

“I know how u love to view,” Annellise says, “so just sit there and observe me.”

So that buck does as this chab is told, and this Lothario keeps moving his head to acquire a worthy view of his wife sucking a stranger’s schlong. Is this chab into this or is this chab abased?

“Look at this,” Annellise says. “His cock’s so much bigger in size than yours.”

Well, if that ladies man was not abused previous to, he is now.

After Annellise sucks his schlong, she goes up to Roger and says, “I’m plan to cum, and there’s no thing you can do about it.”

This petticoat chaser doesn’t even try. This chab just sits there and watches as his golden-haired, monumental breasted, long-nippled wife receives rogered every which way, and then Annellise puts her cum-soaked face in Roger’s face and says, “I did it for us, baby!”

The secret to a long-lasting marriage? Maybe.

“I did it for u,” this babe says.

Somehow, we doubt that. But this babe might have done it for us.

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Lyla will do everything…including anal!

Lyla will do anything...including anal!

“Nothing is kinky to me,” 44-year-old Lyla told us after big-dicked JMac turned her upside-down and screwed her in her initial debut. “It’s all glamourous.”

Yeah, with Lyla, it’s all fetching, and nothing’s likewise kinky, even taking another bigger in size than run of the mill ramrod in her constricted chocolate hole. Yep, tall, thin, huge-titted, exotic Lyla is taking a porn 10-Pounder up her a-hole, and she’s taking it very well.

“When the mood strikes, I will do everything,” she told. “When your recruiter asked if I’d have a bit of butt on-camera, I told, ‘Hell, yes!’ I did not await you to give me a stud with such a large strapon to shag my a-hole, but it all went very nicely. And that other woman chaser…he just pounded the shit without me with his larger than standard weenie. I did not know some of those poses existed.”

Lyla is 5’9″ and has a weight of 114 pounds. That babe lives in South Florida. That babe is single. That babe is very willing. She wishes to jump out of an airplane…with a parachute, certainly. She goes to the beach wearing a small top that just barely covers her nipps and a knicker down underneath. That babe says that babe has no raunchy fantasies coz “as in a short time as I come up with an idea, I do it.”

Love doing it here. Love getting ass-fucked on-camera. No dreams. Just reality.

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Annellise makes a cuckold

Annellise makes a cuckold

Annellise Croft, a 50-year-old MILF from United Realm who has become very popular at SCORELAND coz of her DDD-tits, makes her initial appearance by screwing a charmer right in front of her partner. Yes, Annellise is making a cuckold without boyfriend, and if he doesn’t adore seeing his wife sucking and fucking a strange rod, tough shit! Ya wanna keep a piece of gazoo adore Annellise for your wife, you’re gonna have to make some concessions here and there. members, do you like cuckold scenes?

Should the hubby be humiliated in these scenes or should this stud be encouraging his wife to shag strange jock?

How far should we go? Do you wanna see the spouse licking with tongue the stud’s cum off his wife’s body (that doesn’t happen in this scene) or maybe doing a snowball?

“Hi, playgirl,” Annellise says to her lady-killer. “Look what I brought home! His name is Juan, and guess what? I’m intend to suck his wang and screw him right in front of u, and you’re plan to need to stand there and look at.”

Isn’t Annellise’s partner intend to receive any? Of course not. That is what being a cuckold is all about. So this chab sits there during the time that Juan slips his weenie between Annellise’s jugs and makes her lengthy, rock-hard teats even longer and harder, and this charmer watches Annellise wrap her throat around Juan’s long, thick dong and wonders, “How come that babe at no time sucked my dick adore that?” Between sucks, Annellise mocks him by saying, “Maybe you’ll learn how a real dude fucks me. Oh, his cock is so good! How come your rod is not at all adore this!”

Basically, Annellise is telling her ladies man that he’s fortunate he gets to bonk her at all. And to tell you the truth, we kind of assent with her.

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The Secret To Looking Worthy Over-60: Facials!

The Secret To Looking Fine Over-60: Facials!

This is the debut of Rita Daniels, a 61-year-old sexpot who’s one of the most popular MILFS ever at When this scene spreads, Rita is scolding her Lothario for asking her how mature she’s.

“I’m over 60, let us put it that way,” Rita says, then she brandishes the secret to her looking so good: She acquires facials 3 times a week. The problem is, her facial man is with out town.

“So, Albie, are u intend to give me that hawt, creamy load of cum?” she asks her woman chaser.

Of course he’s. Why would this chab say no?

Rita takes down her top. That babe has large whoppers that are pouring without a lavendar brassiere. She is wearing crotchless briefs. She stands up and spreads her bawdy cleft and rubs her clitoris then lies back and plays with herself some more.

“I can not expect to have your cock in my mouth,” Rita says as she rubs her clit and pinches her rock hard nipples. Rita is the kind of domme who proves it is possible to be lustful and spruce at the same time.

“Would u bonk my scones?” Rita asks, then she turns around and rubs her rectal hole.

That is the sexually excited part, not the spruce part.

Then this babe takes out Albie’s knob. This babe takes it into her throat and roots it. This is no problem at all for a spruce bimbo adore Rita. This babe maintains eye-contact with the camera at all times. This babe gets the dick worthy and juicy. She tit-fucks it. This babe widens her wazoo. Then she goes back to the oral-service. And, finally, this babe receives the facial she needed. Cum is running with out her nose. We didn’t think that was part of a traditional facial, but what do we know? Cum running out of a woman’s nose…is that chic or wanton?

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Brooke Wylde

Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
Brooke Wylde @
Brooke Wylde is a Darksome 10-Pounder Doxy. Indeed, this babe is. This ain’t no porno talk, or b.s. marketing scheme. Brooke likes the dark lady-killer — on or off camera. And when u ask her why, Brooke carefully formulates an answer — just to make certain she is clearly understood. Brooke uses words adore "swagger" and "confidence" and "size", and she’ll tell stories of Friday-night club activities, in which the dark woman chaser will approach, slap her butt, and pull her to the dance floor (a white woman chaser would be slapped for such behaviors) in advance of this woman chaser takes Brooke home to screw all night. Today, the Blacks on Blondes members are in for a peculiar treat. This is Brooke’s very first time simultaneously entertaining two darksome studs. The result? Multiple, (and very real) on-camera orgasms, previous to our two dark bulls put Brooke on her knees for a double reward.
Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
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Kitty Kitty
Kitty @
You know what’s funny about this week’s update? Max Black’s monumental ramrod is about as large as this week’s doxy — Lil’ Miss Kitty. She’s about 4 foot 9, and I think Max’s 10-Pounder is, adore, 4 foot 5. HA-HA-HA. Well, not indeed, but Kitty can barely acquire her petite Oriental throat around his cock head. After Max stretches out her face, he goes str8 for the wet crack. And he simply annihilates it. Wrecks it. And you know what? Kitty loved every second of it…and so did I…and so did Max. See that golden smile across Max’s ghetto face! Observe the three of us by scene’s end: that is one proud Negro. And one gratified White Beauty. And one proud slant. HAHAH. I’m so terrible, sometimes I scare myself. Please don’t be afraid of me! XOXO — Ruthie

Kitty Kitty

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Miley May And Monique Symone

Miley May And Monique Symone Miley May And Monique Symone
Miley May And Monique Symone @
Employees. If you are a business owner, u know what a handful they can be. Enter Miley May. This babe is one of these who takes excessive smoke breaks, checks texts and e-mails on company time, and, sure enough, she is been lifting product out the back of the warehouse with her shitty hubby. How did the CEO of the company detect all this? Well, there’s nice workers, likewise. Ones who work stiff, and care about the company that employs ’em. Come into Monique Symone. This babe has the boss’s back, even when the boss has some unethical ways of disciplining Miley May, and even though Miley is reluctant to take her torment, that babe knows her merely other partiality is jail.
Miley May And Monique Symone Miley May And Monique Symone
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