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Verhooked on anal

Verhooked on anal

Hard-bodied, dirty-talking blonde Amanda Verhooks is back for more ding-dong, and this time, she’s gonna take it up the butt. Amanda isn’t a bigger than standard femdom-goddess. That babe is 5’4″, 124 pounds, and that babe doesn’t have an ounce of corpulent on her body. You’d think Rocky could split her wazoo in half with his ding-dong. But Amanda takes each inch.

“Drill your little slut in the gazoo,” Amanda says. “Make her fuckin’ take it.”

“Fuck that naughty booty.”

“Fill that wazoo,” this babe says while Rocky is poised above her and drilling her rectal hole doggy style.

Amanda is Fourty nine years old. That babe is from Michigan. That babe was referred to us by 60PlusMILF Sally D’Angelo. Thank’s, Sally.

“I love arse stab,” Amanda told. “It makes me feel nasty.”

That babe is nasty. She’s a wicked swinger and nudist who’s into bang and fantasizes about gang bangs. That babe is into gals. Her wildest raunchy experience involved a cutie.

“She fucked my gazoo with a strap-on, pulled my hair and gagged me with the strap-on that had just been in my butt.”

Sounds adore a scene.

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Fantasies cum true in Ciara Blue

Dreams cum true in Ciara Blue

One of the priceless things about being the editor of is the opportunity it presents to change people’s lives. How many times in your life do you indeed receive the chance to make an impact on one more person, to aid them do smth they’ve always dreamed of doing or to aid them discover the other person inside of ’em…the person just expecting to receive out?

“I used to be a commonplace soccer Mama, but I wanted to try something fresh,” said Ciara, a 54-year-old wife and Mother from Florida who, in this scene, is intend to get a creampie. “Shooting with you males the first time is what indeed got the ball rolling as far as my recent life is concerned. I’ve always been a very erotic person. Even when I was married, I had a great sex life, fucking twice a day. But now that I’m unattached, I must relish things that I never was able to before. I can have sex in front of a camera–and off it–with all kinds of fetching males and vixens. I have had the pleasure of having a gang bang in a hawt tub in Jamaica. I have gone hole-to-hole on a golf course, if you know what I mean. I really had a carnal awakening at 50. It was love being reborn!”

We’re cheerful we could help, Ciara. Now go suck and fuck that 10-Pounder!

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Rogering the gigantic titted MILF who’s wearing glasses

Fucking the massive titted M.I.L.F. who's wearing glasses

When this scene spreads, 48-year-old Mommy Cassie is sat on a desk. JMac is sat in a chair. That guy is on the phone, trying to get some work done, but that is impossible when a hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE adore Cassie is hiking up her petticoat and playing with her big mammaries right in front of you. So he reaches out to feel her milk sacks, and she reaches out to hang up the phone. And away they go.

Cassie is an outstanding woman. She is 5’8″ with lengthy legs and a mammoth rack. And this babe gives a loud, sloppy blowjob. And this babe keeps her glasses on the entire scene, even when JMac is screwing her about as unbending as a person can bonk a woman.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Porn sex compared to regular sex…is it different?
CASSIE: It is enjoyment. I liked it more than I contemplated to like it. The poses are interesting. I’ve learned a lot in the last 24 hours.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: What positions did you do that you’d never done previous to?
CASSIE: Like not quite all of ’em! Even the missionary here isn’t regular missionary. It’s different. They position you so the camera can acquire your whole body and all the act.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Are u flexible?
CASSIE: More than I thought I was. And then this morning when I was shooting the stills with JMac, I suppose we were doing some standing doggie thing, and that gent had my leg on his shoulder. I didn’t even know I could bend that way! I’ll probably be sore tomorrow, but it was indeed nice.

Cassie is truly valuable.

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Ciara’s sex cream pie

Ciara's creampie

Now Fifty four years old, Ciara Blue, a 54-year-old wife and Mother from Tampa, Florida, is back for a creampie. Yes, Ciara’s plan to have her M.I.L.F. cunt fucked and filled with cum by a 24-year-old lady-killer, and if that’s not enough to acquire your heart racing, you are at the not correct website.

Ciara has DD-cup scoops, the more marvelous for her young plaything to play with. She measures 36DD-24-34, which a gent of any age would savour, especially since that hot body begins off decorated in some hawt, purple lingerie that reveals off her body.

We asked Ciara if she’s viewed her scenes, and that babe said, “Yes, definitely! Who would desire to miss those?”

Not us.

“I viewed ’em with my partner…bunches! We thought they were hot. It’s always interesting seeing yourself as the porn star and recalling the process. My partner thought so, too.”

And when she watches this scene, Ciara can watch how she looks with her slit filled with cock juice. Very precious, we might add.

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Can You Sweet-Talk Your Way Into Stella Rose’s Mouth?

Can You Sweet-Talk Your Way Into Stella Rose's Face hole?

If u think u can talk your way into Stella Rose’s belts…well, you just might be right.

“I like sweet-talkers,” told this 48-year-old divorcee from New York. “I’m a pushover for a smooth operator who knows how to talk to a lady. I’ve definitely been picked up more than a not many times. One time, a buck came up to me and said, ‘Where have u been all my life?’ I just about melted. Five minutes later, I was engulfing him off in the front seat of his car.”

But different from the fellows this babe is attracted to, Stella Rose isn’t exactly a sweet-talker. She’s more of a naughty fuck-talker.

“I urge to engulf your big dick,” this babe says to her man. “I love jacking your big cock, baby. Slap me with that jock!”

Which he does, and then Stella continues slobbering all over it whilst rubbing her vagina. The dude’s shlong is thick and lengthy, but Stella can take it. And tug it. And open her face hole to smack his load on her tongue.

Here’s the great thing about Stella Rose: You watch hotty’s like her all the time. Each day, in fact. At the gym (where that babe works part-time). Maybe at the university (she’s a part-time scholar, also). This babe isn’t a sex star. That babe is the MILF-next-door. And, yet, that babe fantasizes about having public sex, and she one time had a 3some with two other honey bunnys and she masturbates each night. ‘coz that is what the MILF-next-door does.

We asked Stella Rose what she desires to do that that babe hasn’t done yet, and this babe said, “Be in a porno.” And here she’s!

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MILF of the Month

The editors laughed whilst flipping through a Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK magazine from the west coast. The glamour model was a 20something pornstar rogering some longhair and the copy read that she was rogering her daughter’s hubby. We do not know any “MILFS” like that. We know real SEXY HOUSEWIVES.

Our real Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK of the Month may have already left the building, so to speak. Word’s come in that this babe stopped adult modeling. Cassie Cougar was 1st introduced to SCORELAND members when that babe met Alyssa Lynn in the models’ dressing room and our cameraman caught it (Here Come The Twins).

Cassie has worn many hats. “I’ve worked as a Personal Assistant, bartender, go-go dancer, actress and comedy reveal co-host.”

“I costume fairly conservatively when I’m out in public, especially if I am with my son. But, if it’s ladies night out, I tend to wear something that flaunts off my angels for a little extra enjoyment.”

This big boobed 48-year-old divorcee and Mommy from Arizona hooks up with Rocky here. She is 20 years old than him and discovers that she can’t live without that young pecker in her seasoned cunt.

“I just desire to experience the entire thing,” Cassie said. “I was found on Twitter. I’m definitely looking forward to feeling his ramrod inside of me.”

And Cassie did, actually.

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Creepin On Me

Creepin On Me Creepin On Me
Creepin On Me @
Cock James & Lefty are fuckin’ creepin’ on me while I am masturbating & wathing porn. Those smutty pervs. I am such a messy slut. I’m always so excited. Even whem I’m not banging darksome men, I’m masturbating to my own videos. It’s worthy having historical records of my own sex life. I love it!
Creepin On Me Creepin On Me
Visit – sister of the illustrious Spring Thomas | Katie Thomas | Creepin On Me

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Cassie takes the bigger in size than run of the mill one

Cassie takes the bigger than typical one

“Years ago I was working as a dancer and these lads came in looking for beauties to do foxy boxing,” told 48-year-old Cassie Cougar. “Through that I met this person who was into stand-up comedy, and I started doing his comedy flaunt. I was his co-host. We had a public access cable show. We used to go on travel. It was kind of a greater than standard deal for about two years.”

What Cassie is doing right here is a larger than average deal right now. This is Cassie’s second scene at, which makes it her second-ever on-camera XXX scene. And this time, she’s taking on JMac’s bigger in size than standard meat-thermometer. That is a lot of jock for one dominatrix-bitch to handle, but long-legged Cassie is 5’8″ with big love muffins, and she can take it. In fact, she just about mouths JMac, which is no simple feat.

Cassie, who’s a Mama and lives in Arizona, was a office administrator until a dunky in number months ago. Then this babe strolled into our studio, nervous at 1st, to take the hardcore plunge.

“I never did anything at this level in advance of,” she said. “My web web digi camera is solo merely, so it’s just me and my toys. I did an amateur movie with an aged spouse, but the digital camera was on a tripod and there wasn’t really a entire lot happening.”

There’s a entire lot happening here. Sucking. Fucking. JMac does a good job engulfing on Cassie’s bra-busters. That babe spreads her mouth for his cum, and it oozes down her chin and onto her rack.

We asked Cassie about JMac’s wang, and she said, “It’s ridiculously large. And I don’t have experience with large rods. My bucks have been fairly standard and archetypal. It is a defiance for me. It’s a little scary. And this chab did comment that I was petite. Apparently I am not equipped to handle the bigger in size ones.”

This babe handled this one very well.

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What’s playing on the BBC? Sally D’Angelo!

What's playing on the BBC? Sally D'Angelo!

Finding something that 60-year-old Sally D’Angelo hasn’t done–and we’re talking sexually, of course–isn’t facile. That babe is been ass-fucked. She’s done three-ways. She’s had her mature slit creampied. But until now, she’d not at any time sucked and banged a bigger than typical, darksome ramrod on-camera. Well, here she’s, doing it for the second time (the 1st time was in the photo version of this scene).

Sally plans on watching this scene with her spouse, who accompanied her to this shoot (as he always does) and viewed her bonk the big, dark-skinned meat-thermometer. This babe says the last time she watched one of her scenes with her spouse, they ended up fucking. This time…

“I’m sure we’ll end up fucking anew,” this babe told.

Fringe benefits of having a big boobed, sexually excited wife who copulates on-camera: You do not need to jack to her episodes. U can screw to them.

Then one more time, maybe you’ll get favourable with Sally one day.

“Just come up and talk to me,” this babe told. “A lot of guys are likewise shy. Come up to me. I don’t bite.”

No. But that babe does engulf and shag.

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Sydney rubs u the right way

Sydney rubs u the right way

So Tony exposes up at The Wellness Spa for a deep-tissue massage and is greeted by 48-year-old Sydney. His upper back has been giving him some bother. Some stiffness. Sydney has him take off his alluring clothes and tell lies face-down on the table. In advance of this guy knows it, Tony is feeling stiffness in a different place: his shlong. Sydney’s fondelling her nude, oiled-up fullsome funbags against his back. And then she’s mouthing his meat-thermometer and screwing it.

That is particular for many reasons, one of which is that Sydney is a first-timer to the stuff we do here at

“I posted on a web resource, you saw me and here I am,” that babe told.

Sydney is a Mama. That babe was born in Illinois and lives in Nevada. That babe has worked in sales, recruitment and training and she is been a waitress and bartender. This babe isn’t a nudist nor a swinger. This babe doesn’t have any fetishes. She’d like to have sex every morning (but that babe doesn’t). And this babe enjoys “French kissing during the time that exploring each other’s bodies, engulfing on my funbags and gentle and fun-loving grabbing and flogging.” That babe likewise told, “I desire the ladies man to be the Lothario and take control.”

Does that rub you the right way?

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Sally D’Angelo’s 1st BBC

Sally D'Angelo's first BBC

Since 2013, Sally D’Angelo’s visits to our studio have been among the most-anticipated events on the and calendar with each visit bringing smth different: her launch discharges in early 2013, her three-ways later that year; more three-ways with Cara Reid, who that babe detected, and her first anal scenes in 2014. And now, 60-year-old Sally is back for the BBC…big, darksome meat-thermometer!

“I wonder what he’s got below those pants for Sally,” she says as that babe eyes Studhorse. “Why don’t you bring that worthy, bigger than standard pecker over here for Sally? Expose me what you have got.”

Well, this chab is got a bigger in size than run of the mill, dark 10-Pounder, and Sally has big billibongs and a tight cookie that’s not even covered ‘coz that babe is wearing crotchless belts. That babe widens her legs for Stud-horse and reveals him her granny snatch. That babe sucks his meat-thermometer and balls. This babe takes his large, dark penis in her tight, old cum-hole. This babe takes his load all over her face.

Sally is one of the horniest, sluttiest babes we’ve ever met. She’s likewise one of the most-outgoing and personable. And this babe is a great spokeswoman for The SCORE Group, having sent a few adult models our way. But we need to be honest: the finest adult model Sally has sent our way? Sally herself.

We can’t await to see what she’ll do next.

Watch More of Sally D’Angelo at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Cum That Sticks To Her Nose And Eyelashes

Cum That Sticks To Her Nose And Eyelashes

In this scene, Samantha Ray, a 43-year-old first-timer from Michigan, jacks a jock and sucks it and then coaxes cum onto her gorgeous face. By the time this scene is over, sticky nut sauce is leaking from her eyebrows and eyelashes. Yeah, the lady-killer missed her mouth by a little bit, but who’s complaining? Not Samantha, that is for sure.

But before that happens, Samantha, who’s wearing a hawt undergarment and briefs and has her love melons out from the get-go, lies back, spreads her legs and gets her muff eaten and fingered. The lad doesn’t bother taking off her panties. That ladies man is in also much of a hurry, so this man just pulls ’em aside. Samantha’s fur pie? Shaven. And notice how nicely her areolas point toward the ceiling during the time that the man sucks her clit. That babe cums, and then that babe says the magic words: “Oh, I want to take care of you!” Cuz that’s how a female reacts when u eat her pussy right.

Samantha Ray describes herself as “very happily married,” but that doesn’t mean that babe doesn’t shag other men.

“I did a DOUBLE PENETRATION with my husband and a male lap dancer for my birthday,” she said. “Now my dream is to have a trio with my boyfriend and the pool boy in the islands.”

Samantha Ray is a hairdresser, so whatsoever you’ve heard about hawt hairdressers is true. That babe enjoys traveling and watching football. She’s a squirter. She’s a Mother. She is a member of the PTA, and this babe spends lots of her time cheering on her kids at sporting events. Yep, that babe is that Mommy…the one in shorts and a T-shirt on the sidelines…the one you have been wondering about. All those wicked thoughts you have been having about her? They’re all true.

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