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Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow Aurora Snow
Aurora Snow @
Does it make water you off that a white gal love me is 100% pro darksome shlong? Do u lose sleep at night knowing that I live,eat,and breath dark dick 24/7? How about the fact that I spend my weekends on the prowl for as much black wang as my face hole and slit can take? Well, that’s likewise fucking bad coz that is exactly what happened one fateful afternoon in the darksome side of Los Angeles. I knew that there was a secret meeting of aggravated black boyz who are on the brink of going out and taking out as many white boyz as possible. To make sure that did not happen I knew that empty darksome balls were glad dark balls. I got into an outfit barely legal for public display and it was just a hop,skip,and a jump to the Interracial Blowbang hangout where 8 rock hard dark weenies were waiting my arrival. I was not disappointed as no compassion was shown to my running moist muff and stretched out face hole. My heart was beating so fast I almost passed out from all the black 10-Pounder passion but I had to be awake for the darksome shower of ball batter that coated my body.
Aurora Snow Aurora Snow
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12 Inch Monster Cock

12 Inch Monster Cock 12 Inch Monster Cock
12 Inch Monster Rod @
So…. I’m interviewing new bruthas for my site. I film all my interviews just in case smth priceless happens. And in this case it did! This gang banger Ice Cold comes in. That charmer looks cute, and he’s darksome so that’s 2 points for him. But in the interview this chab says white muff is ok. Well, obviously this chab hasn’t had this white slit. So to be on the web page, u have to pack 8 inches. So I asked him what he is packing. This chab told me to take a look, I did, and was pleasantly surprised. Ice Cold has got at least 12" beneath his shorts. And I just begin mouthing it right then and there. One thing leads to some other and previous to I know it, a complete new scene is formed.
12 Inch Monster Cock 12 Inch Monster Cock
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Callie Dee

Callie Dee Callie Dee
Callie Dee @
My daddy has no idea I sneak out night and come back home smelling love darksome jism. During that whole time I’m getting my diminutive mouth and cum-hole railed by darksome ramrods that are no less than 12 inches lengthy. I’d bang white men but they rarely acquire above THREE inches much less rock hard sufficient to ride. Daddy finally broke up my precious times when this chab caught me and J.D in the midst of an interracial bonk fest. We exchanged some words and I not quite got taken out of his will but he did not crave to lose a daughter. I had him watch me and showed him exactly how I relish. Dad almost shit a brick as J.D’s large dark cock seemed longer than my legs and it pretty soon detected a home in my throat.I wanted to make him cum with my face hole but waited so this chab could experience some white cunt as my father viewed in anguish. Normally I wouldn’t ever bonk anyone in front of my dad but he had to be taught a lesson in tolerance which was going down as my pulsating cum-hole took a dark pecker beating. My groans of pleasure drowned out daddy’s bitching and it was a warm welcome as my face took a blast of darksome spunk while dad must have been thinking about suicide.
Callie Dee Callie Dee
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Joclyn Stone

Joclyn Stone Joclyn Stone
Joclyn Stone @
What’s more worthwhile than one young darksome ding-dong? 2 bigger in size than standard black dicks, as u guessed, are all a carnal cougar love me needs to keep pleased. I was on the prowl for dark penis when I came across these 2 darksome stud-horses which got my twat soaking moist at 1st glance. I have had interracial sex on the brain all my life and now I was intend to action on it. I took those 2 dark-skinned studs to my pad and smiled from ear to ear once I got a glimpse at the dicks these 2 brothas were packing. I was mouthing one and the other was taking liberties with my tight with wet crack. Their dicks were so greater than average that I thought they would touch as I had my throat and cunt filled at the same time. I got two fine and thick dark bombs sprayed on me and my each day dark penis quota was met….two times over!
Joclyn Stone Joclyn Stone
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Massive Dark-skinned Jocks

Massive Dark Cocks Massive Black Cocks
Colossal Black Cocks @
I must admit that it is great having my own web site. I’ve to chose the mammoth dark ramrods to invade my holes. In fact, could have a dunky white ding-dong but they at no time get hard enough and leave me wanting more. I heard a rumor that Ice Cold and Jason Brown pack nearly a foot every! I had Ice Cold screw me into oblivion and drained his sack unfathomable into my white vagina. However, my pink fuckhole needed much more so Jason Brown stepped up to the plate in hopes that a semen pie from him would do the trick just in case Ice Cold’s seed did not make it is way throughout my fallopian tubes. Negro seed is the only one for me. I’m now on the way to the pharmacy to receive one of these pregnancy tests. My family back home would be so pleasured.
Massive Dark Cocks Massive Darksome Cocks

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Trina Michaels

Trina Michaels Trina Michaels
Trina Michaels @
In college I read up on the history of the oppression the black chap has faced. I wrote a paper on how I would level the playing field. However, I did not write about how I would wear barely a stitch of garments or how I would have my firm butt covered by dental floss. As I paraded myself around the mean streets of L.A I was imagining all the dirty things I could do with some darksome meat in my stable. I knew my body would not at all be the same since my tight little cookie has merely been used for dunky white ramrods. It would be love using a jackhammer to open up a walnut but I was looking forward to the mayhem I knew I had coming. I took a little time getting acquainted with those meaty, sexy darksome lads. I wanted to get in their heads as I was about to rock their oppressed world. It’s a valuable thing I’ve meaty legs ‘cuz I was skilled to keep a squating balance as my face was constantly housing big dark dongs. My face was slapped with dark wang and no set of firm dark balls were off restrictions. The juices flowing from my cum-hole told me that I had to take in over THREE yards of dark weenie until I couldn’t take it anymore. I adore to think I am the majority valuable at draining dark 10-Pounder but u tell me.
Trina Michaels Trina Michaels
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Cindi Loo

Cindi Loo Cindi Loo
Cindi Loo @
Dad has been working mad hours so this chab spent his free time taking me to the beach. He kept blabbering on and on about who knows what but I was much more focused on some dark woman chaser making his way towards us. I knew at first sight that I was gonna do soever it took to milk his 10-Pounder any by any means necessary. Daddy was desirous that I ignored him and sauntered away with my new dark husband and we lastly made it back home. Daddy was yelling the whole way and appeared to be nice-looking piddled off that I was making out with anybody that dude would not approve of. Yes, daddy doesn’t indeed care for the dark-skinned woman chaser but hopefully he’ll lose that mindset one time he sees how glad they make me. This woman chaser sat in horror as Derek used my little mouth as a garage for the bigger than standard dark snake this ladies man was packing in his pants. Much love a car’s piston he face screwed me until I not quite tossed my cunts. I wanted to watch what it would feel love having that big dark-skinned penis pulverize the place I go pee. It was simply jaw-dropping and I lost count of how many times I came all over that thick darksome pole. Dad always wanted grand kids so Derek shot at least 6 heavy pumps of dark goo deep inside me. Yeah, this chab wanted to be a grandfather but to white kids. The rectal hole will take what that smooth operator acquires.
Cindi Loo Cindi Loo
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Alexis Golden

Alexis Golden Alexis Golden
Alexis Golden @
Here’s a moist story from my erotic expolits with dark-skinned wang. I was around the bad part of city when I spotted a tall, black, and glamourous guy with some car bother. I took the opportunity to fill my cunt up with his bigger than run of the mill dark-skinned 10-Pounder by laying on some enormous duty flirting. He seemed a bit nieve but I was willing to turn this juvenile boy into a buck with my tight succulent hole, my warm mouth, and mambos that love flopping around when I get pounded doggystyle. I couldn’t wait to have his fat snake rear end me and just await until u see him gape my white arse!He tossed me all over the place and discharged a overweight load unfathomable into my grasp and I cant tell u how admirable that felt. His did not seem to worry about his car anymore and I gave him a ride back home in the Mercedes that my white husband bought for me.
Alexis Golden Alexis Golden
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Tatianna Kush

Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush
Tatianna Kush @
I’m still having fantasies of being surrounded by dark weenie no matter where I turn. It got this way from the time I lent my oral-service services to the local chapter of angry darksome lads. Word was trickling throughout the streets of every week meetings where white angels live out their dark penis dreams. I knew I could engulf a golfball through a garden hose especially if that pantyhose is black. In instruct to improve race relations I gave up my afternoon with my partner so I could receive a heavy dose of multiple dark cumshots. In high-school I was known as the "Dark-skinned Cum Dumpster" and I am about to show those militant dark guys how I got that name. I’ve never been with so many dark schlongs but I’m not known to back off from a defiance. I went up and down the line getting those darksome dongs wonderful and hard so I got take them all down my gullet. My gag reflexes went into overtime as my throat expanded wider than ever. It was only a matter of time before I was given my reward of being in the line of a dark-skinned semen bombing.
Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush
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Taboo Interracial Sex

Taboo Interracial Sex Taboo Interracial Sex
Taboo Interracial Sex @
Needless to say mouthing and fucking darksome ramrod is very taboo where I am from. The south still looks down on darksome jock and so do I but that’s solely in advance of I drop to my knees to wrap my dixie lips around it. This day I’ve TWO black rods for this white babe so it’s even more nasty of me to do the things I do. Does it matter that I cant receive sufficient black dick to satisfy my interracial lust? Does it make me contented to be the black meat-thermometer bimbo that you’re come to know and love? Is it unusual that Ace and Jean Claude’s dark schlongs equal 2 feet which I hope will be the size of the baby that will result from this? No, no, and copulate no! However, it is been a during the time that since my ass was invaded by a titanic palpitating dark weenie so I let Jean Claude slip right in. Those whacky Europeans adore butt slam and my taut rectal hole was too much for his mighty shlong. That dude unloaded a tidal wave of cum unfathomable inside my rectum. Yep, it was a bit of a waste since that meant I could not have his dark-skinned baby but it felt so damn worthwhile. They fucked me so inexperienced that I even suck off a white jock at the end. My head acquire to have been in the clouds since that’s something I swore I’d not at all do again!
Taboo Interracial Sex Taboo Interracial Sex

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Ally Style

Ally Style Ally Style
Ally Style @
With some specie to spare Wesley Pipes and Lucas Stone have brought the lap dancing club to them. Friend Style’s body movement is sufficient to get any boy to empty his bank account and one as well as the other boys are in complete awe. The bulls have been tanalised long enough and one as well as the other lads tear into Friend like a piece of raw meat. Ally Style would normally scream whilst having a darksome dick in her fur pie but some other one is currently taking up occupancy in her face hole. Ally’s rod draining ability is put to the test as two feet of black meat take turns expanding her windpipe at any given time. That apple bottom a-hole gets a lot of attention from her white customers but only large, black cocks must go that additional mile. Ally’s a-hole jiggles as her cookie receives completely rocked during the time that her mouth muffles any screams of whole pleasure. We would not be happy with just a massacre of white fur pie so we’re having the one and the other darksome swordsmen dish out a Dual Penetration. The piston-like action of darksome rods making mince meat without her reproductive and digestive system is really a thing of looker. Friend Styles gapes as wide as a basketball hoop and then it is back to more butt slamming/pussy pounding mayhem that you’ve come to wait. Friend Styles wouldn’t be a pleased dark shlong whore until her a-hole and cunt could milk litres of dark-skinned sauce deep inside her. The utter mess left behind is further verification that Ally’s a dancer that goes that extra mile. There’s no way Friend can put her briefs back on and go back to the lap dancing club but that is her problem now.
Ally Style Ally Style
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Jenna Moretti

Jenna Moretti Jenna Moretti
Jenna Moretti @
I’ve grown up but daddy hasn’t. He’s gotten himself into some legal shit and now I have to fix it. I’m barely Eighteen and already having to take care of my father and his legal problems. Thankfully I was skilled to get Rico Beefy and use his services so that dad doesn’t spend the holidays behind bars. The merely "catch" was that Rico’s larger than typical black rod would have to hit my cunt harder than dad has been hitting the weights in the larger than typical abode. Getting on my knees for that overweight dark rod was natural since my sexual history is void of white dick. Dad’s ordeal would not be over until my narrow birth canal was obliterated by a knob that almost cut me in 2. I wasted no time in milking that greater than run of the mill dark wang so I could have my dessert as my old ladies man wore the same expression on his face that this man had on when the judge identified him guilty. The merely thing I’m guilty of is being a dark weenie worshipper.
Jenna Moretti Jenna Moretti
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